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Transformation starts with self-assessment. The key to success is understanding who you are, how to use your natural strengths, and identify the fears and barriers holding you back. Take advantage of our free assessments and start creating a successful life filled with meaning, purpose and joy.

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? What type of business should you build? There are three types of Business Personas which translate into the type of business model you’ll be best suited for.

Discover the type of business you're naturally suited to build!

We’ve created a powerful Fear Assessment to help you identify fears and barriers. This tool pinpoints areas that might be blocking you form achieving your goals. Don't let fear hold you back.

Uncover the fears and barriers standing in your way!

Identify the type of work you are naturally suited for and the companies that will value your gifts. Whether job searching or considering a new role in your current organization, Career Persona provides clarity.

Discover your Career Persona to unlock success!
conscious entrepreneur

There’s a common misconception that only outwardly altruistic brands are conscious. In truth, conscious entrepreneurs are everywhere, even if it isn’t obvious at first glance. Find out if you’re a conscious entrepreneur!

Determine if you’re a conscious entrepreneur!
which program for you

At Succeed On Purpose, our goal is to inspire you to live at the next level — a life filled with meaning, purpose, happiness, joy and increased success. Whether you want to transform your career, your business or your entire life, we have a program for you.

Don’t wait to transform yourself!
which zone

You must push through the Comfort Zone, The Fear Zone and the Learning Zone before you reach the Growth Zone.
Find out where you are! Take this simple assessment and find out what zone you’re in.

Find out which zone you're in!
"Everything you need to have more abundance, confidence, purpose and success, is already in you." ~Terri Maxwell
Terri Maxwell