Shift/Co Pre Launch

Become Part of the Shift and Grow a Purposeful Business

Next Virtual Event: February 20, 2020
12:30PM CST

Join us for this pre-launch webinar, if you’re interested in:

  1. Becoming a Shift/Co-founder member to gain access to business growth coaching, mentoring from seasoned serial entrepreneurs, prelaunch events, PLUS give input to shape Shift/Co’s products and services.
  2. Becoming a Shift/Co Master Teacher and licensing your content, in exchange for royalties.
  3. Becoming a Shift/Co Mentor, to guide conscious entrepreneurs, from around the world, on how they can best leverage all the products and services available to them on the Shift/Co platform.
  4. Becoming a certified Shift/Coach, to learn how to use the Conscious Business Growth Platform™ to coach conscious entrepreneurs to greater success.

If you want to attend our official prelaunch session, please register.

  • Shift/Co is a membership community built BY conscious entrepreneurs FOR conscious entrepreneurs.
  • Shift/Co is built on the Conscious Business Growth Platform™ - a proven methodology for starting, growing and/or scaling a purposeful business.
  • Shift/Co is bringing together master teachers from around the globe, along with transformational coaches and successful conscious business leaders - all with one goal: to help you grow where you want to BE.

“We create a better world when consciousness replaces competitiveness and profit is fueled by purpose." - Terri Maxwell

Launch Event

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