REady to Transform Your Life?

Transform Your Life!

Transformation Starts With You

Transformation Starts with You

Do you want more success? Is fear holding you back from achieving your goals? Are you tired of being tired? It’s time for Life Transformation. 

It’s just that. Life. Transformed. If you’re ready to GET REAL…you can have more. The life of your dreams is inside of you… waiting to be unleashed.

We offer several powerful programs to inspire potential and ignite transformation. All of our programs come with a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

4 courses to powerfully
Transform your life

Ready to dig deep and make the necessary changes to transform your life? Excellent. We have four programs to guide you through the process.

Reclaim Your Power

Transformation Starts with You

Tired of feeling you’re not good enough? It's time to give that up. There IS a better way.

The most important thing to know is: You CAN reclaim your power.

We know this to be true as we've walked the same path and found our way to the other side. And we’ve shown thousands of others how to do it too. We know the necessary steps to successfully create lasting change.

You have an innate power. It's the key to unlocking a more purposeful and abundant life. All you have to do is access it. We’ll show you how.

Our Life Transformation programs are focused on three areas of personal performance:

  • Confidence: Overcome barriers to achievement.
  • Abundance: Develop the mindset to achieve more.
  • Success: Access the internal power that is available to you at all times.

Self-Transformation Course (FREE!)

Feeling stuck? Not sure why? The most important step in creating a successful and satisfying life is knowing where to focus to get from where you are, to where you want to go.

Terri Maxwell will guide you along a self-discovery path to understand where you’re stuck and what’s holding you back.  Tap into her decades of personal and professional success through this 3-module course, as she shares the same powerful insights that defeated her own self-limiting beliefs and unleashed her potential.

The Prosperity Challenge

Do you want more abundance? It’s the biggest benefit of a purpose-filled professional life. That’s right…impactful, soul-stirring abundance in every dimension of your being (especially money).

This program will guide you through the Prosperity Challenge and in 8 weeks, teach you how to access your own power to manifest consistently and attract the life you desire.

Pure Confidence Program

If success has eluded you, and if you are tired of feeling not good enough, Pure Confidence is the path to freedom.

This 6-module program will help you identify what is holding you back from a joyful and abundant life. Don’t remain stuck. Take your power back today!

Success Excelerator™ Program

Are you striving for more, but don’t feel you’re making progress as quickly as you want? It’s time to accelerate your success! Built from decades of research on human potential, Success ExceleratorTM is a proven methodology for achieving goals and accelerating the path to total freedom and joy.

Learn how to align mental beliefs and expectations with your passion for more in order to create a whole new level of success.

Transform your life, on your terms, guaranteed

Take the journey at your own pace, from wherever you are. Our programming is available online and on demand.
Our content will get you where you want to go. Terri Maxwell, CEO & President of Succeed on Purpose, is so confident that these proven programs will help you get MORE out of life and achieve your personal goals, that we offer a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Why is Terri so confident? You’ll learn about her own personal journey of transformation. She’s figured out the path to success for herself, and wants to share it with others who are dedicated to living a meaningful, abundant and authentic life.

Thousands of others have taken our courses and learned how to get REAL and have MORE. Check out our Success Stories page to read about some of their experiences.

Prioritize Your Personal Development

The focus on personal growth and transformation usually comes up in times of crisis, during January resolutions, or big life changes. While a person's desire to be happier, richer, and healthier is not a seasonal aspiration or an "as-needed" activity, a majority of people do not know how to prioritize personal transformation as something they deserve for themselves.

If you truly want to put yourself FIRST and be the best you can be, read Terri Maxwell's 5 Ways to Spend More Time on Personal Growth.

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