Build Your Business
Jose was quickly able to identify where he needed to adjust his business to reach his long-term goal.

Jose Ramirez, a personal trainer, is the founder and owner of Fitness Minded. He met Terri when she was looking for a personal trainer to improve her physical health. They quickly discovered that they shared a love for entrepreneurism. “In between sets, I would ask her questions and loved hearing her stories. I was slowly growing my business, but my long-term goal is to own several gyms. She recommended that I take her Small Group Coaching Business Launch Class and I signed up right away. I learned so much in 8 weeks and just in time as I was building my website. I completely reworked how I would design my website with the information I learned. I’m working on my roadmap and packaging but could see that I needed to adjust my pricing and implemented that right away. The class was great. Very informational. Terri went into great detail in everything she was explaining, and it was easy to grasp.”

Transform Your Life
Laura found a way to focus on her life outside of work, while growing her business.
"I learned how to get my business to a more heart-centered place of authenticity.”
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Find Your Purpose
Devon's college major was a perfect fit
“The program really gives you an alignment of mind, body and spirit.”
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Face Your Fears
New doors began to open for Doug when he changed his thinking
"The Purpose Workshop helped me gain confidence in my direction and purpose. I found my Succeed On Purpose experience to be liberating."
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Chart Your Career
Within 2 days of interviews, Rob had offers that aligned with his purpose
"True happiness and success begins with self-awareness."
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