Transform Your Life
Laura found a way to focus on her life outside of work, while growing her business.

In October 2016, Laura Foster took a leap. Using her 25 years of experience in fashion and design, as well as a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, she launched her coaching business - Laura Foster Coaching. As a career professional, she worked around the clock and burned herself out. It took a cancer diagnosis for her to see beyond her job and start her search for more meaning and purpose. It is now her passion to help executives, professionals, and other entrepreneurs do the same.

Laura met Terri Maxwell through a professional organization and has since embarked on three courses with Succeed On Purpose – Business Launch, Authentic Demand, and Accelerating Abundance.  

The Business Launch course, in particular, was instrumental in helping her ensure there was alignment between her business and herself. According to Laura, “The alignment piece is incredibly important. I learned how to differentiate my business, how to figure out who my customer is and how to get my business to a more heart-centered place of authenticity.”

Before meeting Terri, “I was working with a coach who had me going to all kinds of networking events.” After taking the Authentic Demand course she learned there were so many ways to generate demand that were much more enjoyable and a better fit for her personality. “I’ve found that getting to know my target market and interviewing people was hands down one of the best things I’ve done in my business.”

Laura is also a participant in the 100-Day Prosperity Challenge, which utilizes the Accelerating Abundance Course. Initially she wanted higher-end clientele, “but didn’t have the guts to increase fees.” She started with a 20% increase for one client. Then within 2 months her total monthly revenue increased by over 75%!  

“The Succeed coaching has been instrumental. I did a coaching program at the University of Santa Monica but got more out of Terri’s programs when it comes to building a sustainable business. Figuring out what I really, really want goes beyond how many clients I have and how much money I make. It is focusing on my life outside of work too, not just inside.”

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