Find Your Purpose
Nancy found an exciting full-time job doing meaningful, purposeful work

As one of the very first people to go through the Career Transformation Program, Nancy credits Succeed On Purpose with helping her tighten the target of her career search and land a very exciting full-time job with Accenture, doing meaningful work on her purpose!

“The Find Your Purpose workshop and Career Transformation programs helped me to realize that I should focus my job search not just on what I do well, but what I really enjoy doing. After going through two layoffs in two years, I realized that I have my own expectations and standards for where I want to spend my working effort. 

The Succeed On Purpose programs helped me recognize that my journey wasn’t just about finding a job that I could do well…I know I can add value anywhere I work. Instead, I needed to focus on what I am passionate about, because that is where I can add the most value. I enjoy working with people and Making a Difference by solving problems—within projects, for co-workers and for our customers. My new position will give me the opportunity to do exactly that. 

Most important, I now feel confident in my future. I know that this is the right place for me to be right now, but even if I eventually part company with Accenture, I feel equipped to figure out what the next right door is for me!”

Build Your Business
Jeremy's business doubled its revenue year after year
"Thanks to Succeed On Purpose, my company now strengthens over a dozen nonprofits each month. Collectively these organizations reach over 250,000 people around the world."
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Face Your Fears
New doors began to open for Doug when he changed his thinking
"The Purpose Workshop helped me gain confidence in my direction and purpose. I found my Succeed On Purpose experience to be liberating."
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Build Your Business
Jose was quickly able to identify where he needed to adjust his business to reach his long-term goal.
"I learned so much in 8 weeks. I completely reworked how I would design my website...and could see that I needed to adjust my pricing."
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Chart Your Career
Within 2 days of interviews, Rob had offers that aligned with his purpose
"True happiness and success begins with self-awareness."
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