Build Your Business
Terri's business classes are the best Reesa has ever taken.

Reesa is the founder of Confident Speaking. Her passion is to help clients influence better. She is a favorite of Executives and TED Speakers for one-to-one Speaking Intensives. She is an expert in compelling selling.

As a lifelong learner, Reesa has taken business success classes every year for 30 years! She has concluded that Terri Maxwell’s programs are THE best.

Why? According to Reesa, “Terri has successfully piloted her personal quest for personal and business excellence. She shares what worked and the lessons learned from what hadn't worked. She skillfully teaches her core demonstrated resilience and persistence in the face of monumental obstacles.”  

She goes on to say, “Terri is hugely successful because of her mission of helping others become successful by serving them without motive. It is the rare person who successfully combines knowledge mastery with teaching expertise. Terri does this in the Succeed On Purpose programs.”

Chart Your Career
Expressing his passion set Keith apart from the crowd and landed him the exact job he wanted
“Anyone thinking about the Career Transformation Program absolutely should if you want to have more fun and be more interested in what you do!”
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Find Your Purpose
Coretta bounced back from a lay off to find her purpose and launch a successful business
"The Purpose workshop made me open to new opportunities I previously would have not considered...exciting new twists happen every day."
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Face Your Fears
New doors began to open for Doug when he changed his thinking
"The Purpose Workshop helped me gain confidence in my direction and purpose. I found my Succeed On Purpose experience to be liberating."
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Build Your Business
Elizabeth increased her business's revenue by 261%.
"It’s simple: commit, follow the method and the answers become obvious and the results inevitable.”
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