career excelerator

Course Description

Are you ready to take control of your career and level up professional success? Do you want a job that offers personal meaning and financial success?

This program builds off of you finding your spark. We’ll uncover your purpose (what you're meant to do) and your persona (what work you love) so you can define the type of job that is meaningful and fits you.

We’ll help you identify career options that FIT you and then show you how to create demand for yourself with companies that will value what you offer. You'll create a personal brand and learn to market yourself to prospective employers using our step-by-step career transformation process.

If you’re ready to start a career you’re passionate about, this course is for you!

In addition, you'll learn:

  • Define your unique professional brand
  • Review and tailor your job search tools (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.) to ensure you are differentiated from other candidates
  • Techniques to vet companies and find employers who will value you
  • Strategies to get noticed by the companies you want to work for
  • Ace the interview with a proven formula

How We Work Together to Excelerate your Career:

  • 8 On Demand modules
  • 6 Coaching Sessions to help you integrate the lessons, answer questions you have, and guide you through the "how" to execute on your new strategies

Price $750.00