Find Your Purpose with the Get Clarity Course

Do you feel you lack clarity and direction in your life or career? A lack of clarity can leave you feeling lost, unfulfilled, and sometimes, struggling to find true happiness.

We want to help you find your purpose in life with the online
Get Clarity course.

This course will help you
GET CLARITY around discovering your path to fulfillment. We'll help you discover the 3 P’s of Finding Your Spark – Your Purpose, Passions & Persona, then help you tie it all together so you can pursue a more meaningful path.

  • Discover your purpose – the reason you’re here on this earth.
  • Find out your persona- how you like to do things
  • Clarify your passions - the things you love and find most fulfilling.
  • Determine your path - tie it all together so you know where to go next.

Finding your purpose means you found your “why.” That thing that drives you and provides you with a sense of clarity, meaning and fulfillment.

We all have a purpose, but many of us don’t know what it is or struggle to define it. This course will identify your Persona, clarify your Passions, and give you the words to define yourPurpose.

If you’re ready to GET CLARITY on your life’s path, this course was designed for you. Let us help you find clarity around what will bring you more meaning and joy!

Meet YouR Coach, Terri Maxwell!

Terri Maxwell is the CEO & Founder of Succeed On Purpose.

Terri started from humble and difficult beginnings. Growing up with alcoholic and abusive parents in a 600-square foot trailer, the sheer will to survive ignited her perseverance, which was later transformed into a mission to help others transform their own lives.

She has the kind of wisdom that can only come from struggle, heartache, failure and most importantly, the will to persevere.

She turned that perseverance into a career that has spanned more than 30 years. Terri has launched, owned, sold, rebranded or turned around more than 40 companies. She is known for her game-changing business models and personal transformation frameworks.

Terri's power is her purpose - inspiring potential. She loves what she does and wants the same for you.

By awakening that same passion and drive in yourself - you too can change your life.