Move beyond the Comfort Zone with Get Clarity!

The Comfort Zone may seem like a safe place, but...

It means no progress is happening. Zero. Zip. Nada. You will remain stuck with the life you have if you don’t push beyond this zone.

Get unstuck by discovering what you want most with the Get Clarity course. Once you know what you want, you can’t help but push yourself out of the Comfort Zone so you can begin to achieve your goal.


  • Discover your purpose – the reason you’re here on this earth.
  • Find out your persona- how you like to do things
  • Clarify your passions - the things you love and find most fulfilling.
  • Determine your path - tie it all together so you know where to go next.

Get Clarity - $129.00

This course will help you GET CLARITY around discovering your path to fulfillment. We'll help you discover the 3 P’s of Finding Your Spark – Your Purpose, Passions & Persona, then help you tie it all together so you can pursue a more meaningful path.

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