The Prosperity Challenge

The Prosperity Challenge: It's Time for More!

This 8 lesson program will guide you through how to manifest what you want. Whether it is financial abundance, more positivity, better relationships, physical well-being or increased happiness, the Prosperity Challenge will teach you how to transform your energy so you can create what you desire effortlessly and consistently.

You can have more success, more joy, more meaning, AND more money!

This program works - and we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction.

How You'll Benefit:
  • You will overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt to raise your expectations and manifest desires quickly
  • You will eliminate self-defeating thoughts that have been barriers to your success
  • You will be able to easily adjust your mindset to accelerate results
  • You will be happier and increase your confidence in your ability to create what you want in life

Special Offer!

Register for the Prosperity Challenge and you'll be given access to online training to review and revisit at any time. As a gift, you will receive weekly coaching from Succeed On Purpose Founder, Terri Maxwell. Coaching will be live and interactive, delivered online in a small-group setting.

For a limited time, we're also letting you invite a friend to join you in the Prosperity Challenge for no additional charge.

Prosperity Challenge Schedule
Tuesday, August 16 at 7 PM CDT
Tuesday, August 23 at 7 PMCDT
Tuesday, August 30 at 7 PM CDT
Tuesday, September 6 at 7 PMCDT
Tuesday, September 13 at 7 PM CDT
Tuesday, September 20 at 7 PM CDT
Tuesday, September 27 at 7 PM CDT
Tuesday, October 4 at 7 PM CDT

It's time for impactful, soul-stirring abundance in every dimension of your being (especially money).      

What to Expect: 
  • Purchase The Prosperity Challenge.
  • Get access to the On-Demand portal and receive a code to invite a friend for no additional charge.
  • Each week you will review one lesson in the On-Demand portal, followed by a live group coaching session with Terri Maxwell for review and application.
  • Practice the tools from each lesson and create more prosperity and abundance!