Pure Confidence


  • 6 Video Modules
  • 6+ Hours of Content
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule

coaching add-on

  • As a supplement to this On-Demand program, you have the option to book two (2) one-on-one coaching sessions with a Succeed On Purpose certified coach. This Coaching Add-On can be added with the On-Demand purchase now or can be purchased later once you start the program.  

    The Succeed On Purpose certified coach will help you integrate the lessons, answer any questions you have, and enhance your learning experience.

Course Description

If you’re ready to Change Your Life and become the best version of yourself, start with overcoming self-doubt, negative self-talk and the persistent self-worth issues that could be holding you back.

This course was designed to help you break through barriers & the self-sabotaging patterns impacting your success. No matter what your goals and dreams are, if you are ready to put in the work to find a deep sense of confidence, this course is for you.

For anyone feeling not good enough, Pure Confidence is the path to freedom. It’s a self-discovery journey to pinpoint the barriers holding you back from a joyful and abundant life. 

What you'll Learn
  • Understand the 4 Types of Confidence
  • Identify Which Barriers are Getting in the Way of Your Success
  • Develop Strategies and Skills to be Free of the Barriers
  • Learn How to Release Negative Energy & Emotion
  • Develop Skills to Build Positive Energy & Emotion