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Elizabeth increased her business's revenue by 261%.

Elizabeth is a tech entrepreneur who built an online B2B platform that matches businesses with vetted freelancers, automating real human help into the hiring process. It started with her own need for freelance talent, which ultimately led to the launch of her business, ResultsResourcing. In essence, she was her own first client! Leveraging both her start up and Fortune 500 experience, she launched the business in 2014. The business was growing slowly and organically. Elizabeth sought to scale while remaining true to her concierge service approach.

Elizabeth met Terri through a CEO group and after several discussions, signed up to take both the Business Launch and the Authentic Demand Generation courses. She was attracted by Terri’s track record, concrete methodology and confidence to guarantee results. In describing the course she said, “Terri is inspiring and clearly the voice of experience – good and not so good. She never hesitates to admit when she learned (or ‘earned’) from her mistakes and helps others recognize the same in their own business and experiences.  She meets each student where they are, shapes a do-able path, and holds each student and their goals to a high standard. She puts you on the spot in the best possible way, coaching you to do your best work. It’s simple: commit, follow the method and the answers become obvious and the results inevitable.”

The classes reinforced many things Elizabeth was doing well but revealed what she could do better, especially how she integrated her purpose and the value she and ResultsResourcing deliver to clients.

After completing both the Business Launch and Authentic Demand Generation courses, Elizabeth embarked on the Prosperity Challenge in the Accelerating Abundance program.

“I learned valuable principles, methods and mechanics to support the growth of my business in the Business Launch and Authentic Demand Generation courses.  Taking the Prosperity Challenge in the Accelerating Abundance Program allowed me to take a step back from strategy and tactics and determine how to take it to another level. It’s not just about the how or implementing faster. For me, the Prosperity Challenge was about finding the source of my personal energy to create the state of abundance I want/expect for my life and my business.”

During the Prosperity Challenge, Elizabeth was able to increase her business’s revenue by 261% year over year for the same time period. She now has an ongoing process to gauge and set expectations for the next 100 days, one year and two years out.

“The Prosperity Challenge/Accelerating Abundance was a gut check that I was confident in my path. My purpose is to ‘empower purpose.’  This means that, for me and my company, ResultsResourcing, we help our clients achieve their purpose. We do that by matching them with skilled, vetted freelancer workers who help them achieve their goals.  As a result of the Challenge, I stopped worrying about the how. I focused on who I was being each day and simply took the actions that would advance this purpose in the spirit of service. Believing in myself and trusting the process helped me push through doubts (and still does).

"This state of mind and being throws off positive energy and, as a result, more positive things happen, and it keeps accelerating. It’s the Law of Attraction. If you are that person, you attract other people who need what you can deliver, or would be complementary to what you’re doing. It’s a compelling and exciting cycle of being and doing.”  

Elizabeth felt that the Group Coaching format benefitted her as well.  

“The way the group coaching is conducted creates a comfortable environment for self-examination and learning. It takes place over a phone/web call but is very intimate at the same time. We’d go through the module and the methodology, then we’d get to apply and share. The virtual class had a very in-person, down-to-earth feel as to how it was conducted. People shared the stories they wanted to share. Nobody’s success or failure was too small or too big. Everyone learned from one another – and Terri led the way, sharing her own stories and nurturing the group collaboration and gains.”

Build Your Business
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Build Your Business
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Build Your Business
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