BE who you are. DO what you love.

May 15, 2018
Laura Armbruster

BE who you are. DO what you love.

We hide. It’s true, whether we want to admit it or not. We hide from criticism, from judgment, from differences; we even hide from who we really are. Why? What would happen if we broke through our barriers and became who we truly are?
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Perhaps our parents did not think our chosen career was a good one, or perhaps that person you had such a crush on thought your ideas were stupid. Maybe we grew up in an environment that only admired certain types of people, or maybe we simply did not want to be different.

Face It 

It’s easier to go with the flow. To do the popular thing. Not to rock the boat. Until one day you wake up and realize with every breath you take, you suffocate. With every step you take, you stumble. With every feeling you have, you are empty. 

Here’s the irony. All that time and energy you put into trying to be in alignment with what others want won’t get you where you want to go

It’s time to step into your power, be in your place, and do what you love. Is it popular? Perhaps not. Will everyone understand? No. Do you care? Maybe. Regardless, it’s time to embrace your destiny. 

Stop Hiding 

Go beyond what others might think.

The truth is, we are all here for a reason, and to understanding that deeper reason starts with

It sounds like a warm, fuzzy thing deep within your soul, but understanding purpose provides a path to clarity in a way you may never have experienced. It provides a new lens from which to view personal and professional paths that ensures authenticity. Having just a few words to describe your purpose will make a significant difference in your life. 

Identifying your purpose is the first step to taking that breath of freedom and to start becoming who you were meant to be. 

Start Thriving 

The level of security and feeling of peace that comes from stepping into purpose is only the beginning. Embracing purpose supports a beginning to doing what you love. After all, if career and purpose are aligned, then you really begin to soar.

We are not children,we know we will not love every task and there will be bad days. But when career and life are aligned with purpose, the bumps in the road are easier to overcome simply because you are confident in your path. There is no second guessing about your current position, or if you should consider another career option. You know, day in and day out, that this is the path you are meant to follow, and that in spite of the challenges you may face, it is a successful one. 

If that seems unattainable, then it’s time to look inside yourself and ask why. Your confidence should be higher than ever, so if you feel uncertain, now is the time to do some serious confidence work. 

Removing barriers that come from living in the shadow of your true self will clear the way for radical success. 

Get Moving 

You have everything you need, and you simply need to give yourself permission to uncover it. There is no time like the present to try that one thing you always wanted to try. Find your purpose, boost your confidence, and get going!

A believer in strong communications and lover of all types of content, Laura is passionate about telling others’ stories in a way that resonates, regardless of the medium. She is a student of the Find Your Purpose and Pure Confidence programs. Her purpose, to give voice, let’s her be the channel for many to reach the masses with their own compelling stories. She has decades of content experience and is an Amazon best-selling author.

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