Creating Positivity Through Intent and Energy

October 5, 2020
Stephanie Renna

Creating Positivity Through Intent and Energy

In a chaotic and contentious year, looking for more positivity can help ease some of the emotional and mental burden we all carry. There are several ways we can increase the amount of positive energy in our lives.
Create a better life through positive intent and energy. Take L.E.A.P. Into Abundance!

In a chaotic and contentious year, looking for more positivity can help ease some of the emotional and mental burden we all carry.

There are several ways we can increase the amount of positive energy in our lives.

Assuming Positive Intent

Everyone at some point has felt frustrated or slighted by the words or actions of another person. In these instances, it’s easy to assume the worst and become angry and dwell in negativity.

The power of assuming positive intent changes the way you view that person’s behavior. To assume positive intent, you simply assume they are coming from a place of positivity.

Ask yourself:

  1. Am I interpreting this correctly? In this age of digital communication, it’s easy to incorrectly assume the tone of a message. While especially easy with written communication, we can still misunderstand the intent of the spoken word. Make a point to assume a positive tone or meaning.
  2. Am I letting my emotions impact my interpretation? If you’re in a funk, anything communicated to you can be taken with a negative spin. Recognize the emotions you’re feeling before inserting meaning into someone else’s statement.
  3. What do they have going on in their life? When someone is experiencing stress or fear, it’s not uncommon for them to direct that energy at others. Rarely do we fully understand the depth of another’s emotional experience, so you can assume any sudden or unwarranted negativity is coming from within that person.
  4. What can I learn from this? Oftentimes, we can take offense to something another intended to be constructive. Was that person trying to help? If so, take what they said and use it to improve. If not, perhaps you learn this is just not someone you should give your energy to.

Practice assuming a positive meaning behind someone’s statement and you’ll notice a marked improvement in your own emotional state.

Clearing You Energy

Taking the time to recognize and state aloud your own negative emotions can bring to light things you didn’t realize you were experiencing. Once these emotions are stated, you tend to feel better about them for a few reasons. Either the cause of your negativity isn’t as bad as it was making you feel, or you now have awareness, which will allow you to cope with and manage those feelings.

When stating your emotion, it’s important to state it as a feeling, rather than internalizing the emotion. Saying you feel tired, rather than you are tired, makes it a temporary emotion or feeling, instead of who you are. When stating how you feel, say, “The truth is I FEEL…” rather than, “I am…”

Once you’ve stated your feelings, take four long, deep breaths. On the fourth breath, physically lean away from the energy you breathed out and create space for positivity to take over.

Reference our guide on clearing your energy to develop a daily practice.

Channel Your Energy into Prosperity

Few things bring more positivity into your life than getting what you desire, whether that be improved health, relationships, career or more money.

At Succeed On Purpose, we have cracked the code on creating prosperity and it all starts with your energy. Use the tools mentioned above to master controlling your energy. The next step is to figure out what you really want, and then claim that desire.

Knowing what you want and focusing on the positive are key components to creating prosperity. Take L.E.A.P. Into Abundance to learn the full process for creating what you want.

Stephanie Renna has been working with Succeed On Purpose since 2012, and now serves as the brand leader. Her purpose is to bring joy.

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