Laid Off? Don’t Just Look for a New Job, Transform Your Career

March 30, 2020
Stephanie Renna

Laid Off? Don’t Just Look for a New Job, Transform Your Career

For some employees who have been laid off, a replacement job is needed immediately and urgently. For others, it can be an opportunity to transform their career.
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As we learn more about what is to come in the next few months, we know that companies and employees will be facing uncertain futures and, assuredly, layoffs.

For some employees, a replacement job is needed immediately and urgently. Fortunately, companies like Amazon and several major grocery store chains are making immediate hires to meet the heightened demand for goods. In times like these, it’s necessary to do whatever is needed to overcome.

For others, a layoff, while not ideal, can be the push needed to reevaluate one’s career. Perhaps you were in a role you didn’t enjoy. Or working for a company that didn’t appreciate or reward your contributions. Maybe you’ve always wanted to pursue your dream job but have been fearful. If you’ve been laid off, now might be the time to transform your career and find a role with meaning and purpose.

What do I need to do to transform my career?

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 If the thought of transforming your career resonates, you’ll need to start by pushing through the natural fear that accompanies a big change.

While your primary fear at this time may be obvious, to undergo a career transformation, you need to determine what fear held you back from making this change a year ago.

Take our free Fear of Quiz to discover what’s been holding you back.

Becoming aware of your fear is the first step in being able to push through it. Lean on family, friends, mentors and peers to support you as you face your fears.

Next, define your brand.

Just like any successful company, you need to create a brand for yourself. Determine what makes you uniquely you.

Define your “product” by answering these questions:

Then, think about the companies you really want to work for. This is your “target market.” Being clear on who you want to work for will allow you to remain focused on reaching your goal.

It may be difficult to see now, but you’ve been given the opportunity to transform your career and find meaningful work that will align with your personal brand. When you realign your career towards purpose and meaning, financial success will follow. The first step towards a meaningful career is to get started and go.

Now it’s time to truly transform your career.

The good news is that we will get through this pandemic. People across the globe are coming together and there’s a sense of unity we've never seen before. Although we don’t know when or how this will end, we do know that we’ll come out on the other side, and we hope that we’re all stronger and more resilient for having gone through this crisis.

We want to encourage you to continue to seek opportunity in times of hardship. If you’ve been laid off, or just want to find more meaningful work, Succeed On Purpose has created a Career Transformation Program that will help you reinvent your career. Learn more here.

Stephanie Renna has been working with Succeed On Purpose since 2012, and now serves as the brand leader. Her purpose is to bring joy.

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