Thriving in the New World of Work Requires Finding Your Why

April 4, 2013
Terri Maxwell

Thriving in the New World of Work Requires Finding Your Why

The most important question for businesses and professionals attempting to navigate the New World of Work isn’t where we are going, but why it matters in the first place.

The ever-increasing pace that sets the tone for our life and livelihood puts many in a situation to wonder why they do what they do. From a business standpoint, competition for talent is immense, and that talent wants to know why your business is important. The talent is also looking for why they matter and how all that can align to create a positive solution for everyone involved.

It comes down to searching and learning one thing – why they matter. Truly, it’s a quest to find their purpose.

Purpose Matters for BusinessPurpose is a definitive statement about the difference a business makes in the world. If a company has a purpose and can articulate it with clarity and passion, employees are better able to understand WHY the company exists and how they can add value.Management is aligned, employees know why their business matters and everyone is clear about how to achieve the purpose. When companies find employees aligned with their purpose, these employees are intrinsically passionate about the work.

With the New World of Work, businesses can source talent from virtually anywhere. On one hand, it may seem as if the business has the power. However, the real benefit of the New World of Work is that talent can find work anywhere. There are no boundaries to job searches, and they can literally pick up projects globally. The best talent, both salaried and contract, will be attracted to companies that have a clear sense of purpose—a clear why.

Professionals and Purpose

For professionals, you too must know your purpose – who you are as opposed to what you do. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Which areas of your work do you truly excel?
  • What are your passions?
  • How do they serve?

The more clearly you understand your purpose—your why—the easier it will be to evaluate work opportunities as you chart your path in the New World of Work.

Purpose isn’t something you do when you retire. Purpose is who you are.Your purpose was the same when you were a six-year-old, and was what probably attracted you to a particular field of study in college. If most of us had been left alone to follow our passions, our careers would have looked dramatically different. Your purpose will be the same when you die. The question is whether or not we will live our purpose in-between our life and our death.

Purpose is your personal and professional why. It’s who you are, and it’s what you’re meant to bring the world. It’s your unique gift, and it can be the best compass for charting a path in this New World of Work.

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Described as part Tony Robbins and part Wayne Dyer, Terri is a world class business growth expert, serial entrepreneur, and life transformation coach with a purpose to inspire potential. In a career that spans more than 25 years, she has launched, owned, sold, rebranded or turned around more than 40 brands. She has authored several books, and created game-changing models for business and personal success. Terri is the Founder and CEO of Succeed On Purpose Inc.

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