Tired of Inauthentic Sales Messages on LinkedIn? Learn How to Respond

February 23, 2021
Stephanie Renna

Tired of Inauthentic Sales Messages on LinkedIn? Learn How to Respond

Are you tired of unsolicited messages on LinkedIn? Most of us strive to grow our networks but starting off with an immediate sales pitch is not the right way to approach customers. What if there was a respectful way to respond that helps these solicitors?
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How many times have you received unsolicited messages like these on LinkedIn? 

“Thanks for connecting! Below is a link to our website showing an overview of our services and pricing.” 
“Good to connect… if I send you a one-pager can you give it a quick look?” 
“I hope you are doing well. Do you have any email lists we can service?”

Are you frustrated with messages like these? Most of us strive to grow our professional networks but starting the relationship off with an immediate sales pitch is impersonal and unlikely to develop into a lead. Maybe you’ve had one or more thoughts about how to handle them – immediately unfollow, ignore, or a “not interested” response. But what if there was a respectful way that helps the solicitor and the LinkedIn community at-large?

How to Respond to Sales Pitches

Like many of us, Tricia Livermore, Owner of Soul Business Advisor, is no stranger to these types of messages. “I get six or seven messages a week and it’s an immediate turn-off. It doesn’t feel trustworthy,” she said. “I used to respond and say, ‘This doesn’t resonate with me.’ I know they want a connection, but not a REAL connection. They only want a lead.”

In addition to running her own coaching business, Tricia is also a Mentor & Coach at Shift/Co, a business growth community for conscious entrepreneurs. Through her membership, she was exposed to the Authentic Demand Generation methodology, taught by Shift/Co Master Teacher, Succeed On Purpose. The course teaches those in business development roles how to grow a business without using traditional and inauthentic sales tactics.

“When I’d get these sales pitches, I’d think, they really need to join Shift/Co. One day while scrolling through my newsfeed, I saw a Succeed On Purpose article about Authentic Demand vs. Selling. I wanted to share it with my network, but decided that to have more impact, I would provide the article to people who message me in an inauthentic way. 

“I customize the message each time, but one I sent recently said, ‘I realize generating leads is exhausting, so I wanted to share an article that can help you create authentic demand…’” said Tricia.

The Impact of Authenticity & Sharing

While she has yet to get a response, she’s no longer annoyed by these messages. “I share the link, wish them success and share a tool for how they can help themselves. They may choose not to do anything about it, but it feels good to share.” 

While her new response does not prevent these messages from getting to her inbox, it has changed her perspective on these messages. Rather than being a nuisance, they’re now an opportunity to share a valuable lesson. 

“We all want to grow our business networks, but how do you really, truly build an authentic connection with a brand-new person? What does that entail? It’s about getting to know the person, not just the business. Getting to know them as a human. It’s nice to reach more people, but it’s really about showcasing your value as a human. That’s the connection I’m looking for. I’ve realized this even more learning the Authentic Demand Generation methodology and through the process of sharing the article.




Stephanie Renna has been working with Succeed On Purpose since 2012, and now serves as the brand leader. Her purpose is to bring joy.

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