Want to Cure the Sunday Night Blues? It May Be Time to Start a Business

April 9, 2019
Mary Maloney

Want to Cure the Sunday Night Blues? It May Be Time to Start a Business

Are you like most 9-to-5ers, “working for the weekend," only to have the Sunday Night Blues kick in with a vengeance? If you can relate, it may be time to consider new career options. For me, I chose learning how to start a business.
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Are you like most 9-to-5ers, “working for the weekend” and dying to savor your free time, only to have the Sunday Night Blues kick in with a vengeance? For budding entrepreneurs, this angst (which starts Sunday evenings) is because of the thought of spending another 40 hours – or more – at a stressful, unrewarding job that doesn’t fulfill the desire to do meaningful work. If you relate, it may be time to consider new career options. For me, I chose to learn how to start a business. Could the answer to your Sunday Night Blues be to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur? Here are four tips to get the ball rolling.

Tip No. 1: Acknowledge your angst – it’s real.

The Sunday Night Blues is no joke. In fact, according to a global poll by Monster, a whopping 76 percent of Americans who suffer from the anxiety and dread associated with the Sunday Night Blues describe those feelings as “really bad.”

For some, those feelings are a deeply ingrained habit, too. Think back to the Sunday nights of your school days or the last days of summer vacation. Once you acknowledge those feelings …

Tip No. 2: Take time to dissect what’s fueling your anxiety.

It may or may NOT be a desire to start a business, and it’s important to find out. Think about what’s triggering your Sunday Night Blues.

  • Is it “simply” an old habit you need to change? Take steps to reframe your thinking – meditation and journaling can help – and choose to look for the positive instead of the negative. Planning fun activities for Sunday evenings and Mondays will give you something to look forward to.
  • Are you unfulfilled in your current role or uneasy with the direction your employer is going? If you don’t have the desire to be an entrepreneur and think you’d be happier working a different job or with a new company, starting a business isn’t the best move for you. Our FREE Find Your Purpose course is a great first step toward finding meaningful work.
  • Do you truly have a burning desire to start a business? Entrepreneurs feel it in their guts. They’re ready to go, guns a blazing, even when faced with the risk of failure and potential financial challenges (like no guaranteed paycheck).

Tip No. 3: Seek out resources that will help you learn how to start a business and position it for growth.

There are plenty of people out there who think they have the goods to run an empire. Many have tried and failed at entrepreneurship – but why? Running a successful business takes unwavering perseverance, hard work and a lifetime of learning. If you think you know it all from day one, your odds for success will be pretty low.

There are an endless number of resources available to budding entrepreneurs who want to learn more about launching and running a business. You just need to know where to look. Here are a few ideas:

  • Start with your own network – both personal and professional. Reach out to successful business owners and leaders you know and ask them if they’d be willing to share their secrets to success.
  • Expand your network by getting involved in events that are specific to the industry you want to light on fire. Volunteering is another great way to get to know people and expand your network even further.
  • Read about and take classes on starting a business. You’ll find a plethora of terrific books and digital content about becoming an entrepreneur, starting and growing a business and other business related topics. Ask people in your network for recommendations and be sure to read reviews.
  • This website is also an awesome place to start! Not only do we offer many FREE tools and courses on starting and growing a business, our paid business courses all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Hire a business coach. It’s hard to beat one-on-one guidance when it comes to starting a business or transforming a fledgling business into a profitable and scalable company.

FYI: Many of our business transformation programs include group coaching sessions with our founder Terri Maxwell, though many Succeed On Purpose students opt for 1-on-1 business coaching with Terri.

Tip No. 4: Set your business up for success by building a solid business foundation.

Did I mention that Succeed On Purpose offers some awesome tools and courses on launching and growing a business? If you want to learn more about how to start a business, taking Terri’s FREE, on-demand Business Foundation Program is a great way to kick off your entrepreneurial journey.  

Not only will it help you get crystal clear about what you want from your business – and whether starting a business is right for you – the course also guides you through the three core foundations you need to set your business up for greater success. These include:

  • Business Fit. Learn how to leverage your strengths, passions and gifts into a business that fits you to a T.
  • Business Differentiation. Uncover what sets your business apart from others in a way that matters to your target market.
  • Authentic Demand Generation. Use this powerful methodology to simplify the process of marketing and attract customers TO you.
I see you Monday, and you’re looking pretty good!

Wouldn’t it feel great to face every Monday with a smile? Guess what? When the week ahead includes meaningful work that you’ve created and enjoy, Mondays feel REALLY, REALLY good. Just ask your favorite entrepreneur.

Mary Maloney is a freelance writer and solopreneur who has written content for a variety of industries – from wellness to finance to law. After 25 years in the corporate world, Mary decided to follow her heart and launch a marketing business. Mary began working with Terri Maxwell in 2014 and has been blessed to be a recipient of Terri’s wisdom about life, career and business success. When she isn’t writing, Mary enjoys cooking with her husband and snuggling with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi Seamus.

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