What Is a Life Transformation Coach?

June 29, 2020
Stephanie Renna

What Is a Life Transformation Coach?

We know the key to accomplishing any goal is first pushing past the mental and emotional barriers that are holding you back. To truly transform your life, you must address your barriers first.
Determine where to start your life transformation with our free Self-Transformation Assessment course.

Have you ever felt like you’re capable of accomplishing more in your life? You may have a sense of where you want to go but lack the confidence and direction to get there. Or maybe you feel aimless but know you’re ready for more meaning and happiness. For those who have experienced these feelings, one solution is to work with a life coach.

A life coach can provide help in many ways, depending on their specialties. Most often, life coaches focus on helping their clients set goals and develop plans to achieve those goals.  

At Succeed On Purpose, we know the key to accomplishing any goal is first pushing past the mental and emotional barriers that are holding you back. We all have things in our past, whether we are conscious of or not, that can prevent us from going after what we really want. You may have experienced them as those voices in your head saying, “You’re not good enough,”or “You don’t deserve that.”

To truly transform your life, you must address your barriers first. That’s why we don’t consider ourselves to be life coaches. We are life transformation coaches.

How can I transform my life?

You must first identify the part of your life that is holding you back and start your transformation there. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for life transformation, so figuring out where to focus is essential. Helping you to identify and move through this is where a life transformation coach can make the biggest impact.

We’ve identified three transformation pathways to help you identify your barriers so they can more easily be removed. Ask yourself the associated questions to help identify where you may struggle.

  1. Power & Motivation: Can you create what you want? Do you know your own power?
  2. Self-Discovery Deep Dive: Can you identify and remove barriers to self-worth and confidence?
  3. Mindset: Can you persevere to overcome obstacles?

If you can’t answer yes to the first question, that pathway is where you should start your transformation. Mastering Power & Motivation will accelerate your growth. Then move on to the next question. If your answer is no, work on that area next.

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into these pathways and how to navigate them, we offer a free Self-Transformation Assessment course. We recommend this course to everyone interested in changing their lives.

Work with a Life Transformation Coach

Succeed On Purpose offers several life transformation coaching programs designed to help you ignite your transformation. Programs are available in three formats – On-Demand, Small Group Coaching and Individual Coaching. If you’re ready to transform your life, you can learn more here.

Stephanie Renna has been working with Succeed On Purpose since 2012, and now serves as the brand leader. Her purpose is to bring joy.

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