Your Superhero Destiny – A Quest for More

June 29, 2017
Laura Armbruster

Your Superhero Destiny – A Quest for More

I enjoy escaping reality on occasion and love all the action-packed superhero movies of late. I adored Wonder Woman, and was thankful to see that DC managed to get it right. But there is more than just character development in this movie.
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It’s about purpose, passion and believing in your destiny. I think that is the reason the movie is doing so well. Not only are we ready for an interesting female superhero character, but we are ready for something more, something real. Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, gives us that.

I agree that we don’t all have super powers, or amazing costumes, but Wonder Woman brings forth a passion for believing in and doing the right thing. She’s dedicated to her story, or her purpose, and is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill it, even if it means leaving her home and her.

Wonder Woman had some great lessons for all of us, including:

Believe in your destiny

Diana’s mother told her the story of her purpose, and the purpose of all the Amazons. Diana never strayed from that, even when her own mother wanted her to.

Believe in your purpose

Diana firmly believed she was to help the human race, and did everything in her power to do so.

Believe in being more

The backdrop of the movie is a time when women simply did not speak up. Not only did Diana ignore this convention, she marched into battle, stood up to evil, and never let anyone deter her from who she was.

Be true to yourself 

Wonder Woman was kind, vulnerable and tough. She was not afraid to ask questions, or even question authority. She acted through her core beliefs, making her solid in her conviction.

Find Your Inner Super Hero

We are all superheroes in our own right. Sometimes we can get lost along the way or
distracted by the noise of life. Fortunately, you can not only find your way back, you can go beyond to having more; but only you hold this power. You simply need to get real about who you are, and then fight for what you believe in.

It’s the last mile that makes the journey the most difficult. When you
must face foes and friends and stand up for what you believe in, even when it goes against the popular opinion, and you do it anyway, that is when you know you are on the path to greater things.

Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way to help you gain stronger footing along your superhero quest:

Spend time reflecting 

We are too busy and overloaded with information. Spend time to get real with yourself. Ask the tough questions and seek the answers to become solid in your beliefs.

Train like your life depends on it 

Your success depends on adopting new skills, so make it part of who you are. It’s critical to set aside time and not allow this to be pushed down in your priorities.

Guard your passion 

I cannot tell you how many times people have given me an eye roll when I told them I wanted to be a writer. You can’t make money (wrong), you might not be good at it (also wrong), you should do something that is safer (why?). If I had listened, I would not have embarked upon one of the most joyous journeys of my life.

Believe you can

We all get knocked down. It’s only through a solid belief in yourself that you can get back up and move forward. Failure is an option if you choose to move forward. Believing in yourself will be the key to pulling yourself up.

It’s not about you

It took me a long time to understand that many people are nay-sayers because they don’t believe in themselves. It had nothing to do with me. They have their own demons that cause them to question themselves and others. That’s not your problem. One of my favorite sayings is “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” Definitely applies when you are dealing with others who can’t get out of their own way. Don’t let them get in yours.

It’s about you and your focus on your own success, both professionally and personally. It means you must get serious about who you are, what you want and how to get it. If you are wanting a place to begin thinking about your career development, check out this

In the meantime, keep believing in yourself, and soon you will find your inner superhero!

A believer in strong communications and lover of all types of content, Laura is passionate about telling others’ stories in a way that resonates, regardless of the medium. She is a student of the Find Your Purpose and Pure Confidence programs. Her purpose, to give voice, let’s her be the channel for many to reach the masses with their own compelling stories. She has decades of content experience and is an Amazon best-selling author.

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