Want MORE in the New Year? Commit to a Seismic Mind Shift

January 2, 2019
Mary Maloney

Want MORE in the New Year? Commit to a Seismic Mind Shift

A new year is upon us, and it’s full of possibilities! Are you ready to do what’s necessary to get MORE out of life? Are you unsure of how to get there? Wherever you’re starting from, it’s time for a seismic shift to a more joyful and positive mindset.
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Just like that. A new year is upon us, and it’s full of possibilities! Are you giddy with anticipation - ready to do what’s necessary to get MORE out of life? Or, are you unsure of how to get there – not knowing what held you back in the past and how to move forward? Wherever you’re starting from, it’s time for a seismic shift to a more joyful and positive mindset. It’s just a matter of retooling your brain.  

Eliminate the negative. Accentuate the positive. Joy and abundance will follow.

Do you feel like you’ve been treading water in this thing called life, no matter how hard you try? People often get stuck in life because they view the world through a negative lens.  

Negativity puts us in a space where we feel comfortable feeling sorry for ourselves. It’s a space where we don’t want to take responsibility for what happens to us and believe that things only happen TO US, not FOR US. Negativity also sabotages our self-confidence and the belief that we control our own destiny (WE DO)!

Yuck! Negativity sucks. Literally – it sucks the energy right out of you. Just reading about it makes you cringe, right? It should! Because negativity holds us back. Positivity propels us forward, and once you learn how to harness it, MORE joy and MORE abundance will follow. If you’re ready to ditch the negativity and reap the rewards of positivity – read on.

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Seismic mind shift No. 1: Life? It’s ALL good!

Say what? Life is ALL good? Yep. If we train our brains to look for the good when life sends us curveballs, we see things in a whole new light. The intent here isn’t to trivialize horrible, awful things that happen to us. The intent is to establish a mindset that helps us come out bigger, better and stronger on the other side. Focusing only on the bad – or negative – keeps us stuck in the muck.

The GOOD we need to look for typically falls into one of three categories:

1.    There was something I needed to learn.

2.    There was something I needed to heal.

3.    There was something I needed to release.

So the next time something bad happens, first catch your breath. Then instead of thinking nothing good can come of the situation, LOOK for the opportunity. What do you need to learn, heal or release? If you can answer that question, you’ll be able to move past what has been holding you back. It takes practice, but eventually, you’ll realize that the things you thought were happening TO YOU, are actually happening FOR YOU. Realizing it’s all good, you’ll be making lemons out of lemonade on a regular basis!

Seismic mind shift No. 2: Replace negative thoughts with positive ones to get MORE.

The desire for MORE is rooted in the soul. The soul – not the ego – actually uses desire to evolve. That’s why desires are always bubbling up.  

Guess what? IT’S A GOOD THING TO WANT MORE. That desire for MORE actually affirms to us that the soul is wanting to expand by helping us BE more, not just having more.

And get this: Positive, joyful acts and feelings generate MORE success, wealth and abundance more quickly than non-positive feelings (both negative and ho-hum, non-emotional feelings).  

Have you ever felt the mood of a room lift when you or someone you know enters dancing, smiling and oozing positivity? Positive emotion – being happy, being appreciative, feeling gratitude, feeling joyful – actually accelerates your ability to create and attract abundance.

Here are three ways to train your brain to gravitate toward positivity:

1.    Schedule a 30-minute appreciation break in your daily calendar. During the break, reach out to three people – call, text, email, send a card – and share your appreciation. This practice allows you to feel appreciation for others, which is very powerful.

2.    Pick one thing to look forward to every day. Take a walk, spend time on a favorite project (writing, carpentry, decorating, cooking, etc.), go to dinner with a loved one, get a mani-pedi – it’s your choice. Just find that one thing and enjoy the anticipation you feel as the experience approaches.

3.    Get into “state” by doing something that makes you feel ridiculously happy! Think of the “Ellen” show. Ellen DeGeneres gets herself – and her audience – into state at the beginning of each show by dancing to upbeat music. Getting into state changes your vibration and energy, and it lifts your spirits. What music or other activity makes you so happy your mood changes?  

Seismic mind shift No. 3: Believe you have the ability to create what you want (YOU DO!).

Most people don’t believe they have the power to control their own destiny. Back in negative land, it’s easier to make excuses when we don’t get what we want, blame others and self-sabotage.

The truth is we all have the ability to create what it is that we want. Once you make that mind shift and start believing in yourself and your ability to create the joy, abundance and success you want, life will become so much easier and MORE rewarding.

Ready to start believing in YOU? We can help!

Traditional “woo-woo” life transformation programs rarely work unless you BELIEVE you have the power to create what you want. They also don’t factor in the ego’s need for a plan that accounts for time and space realities. That’s why so many people don’t get the “life changing” results they seek from some programs.

On the flip side, our Accelerating Abundance course does transform lives. It teaches you HOW to access your own power to create what you want (feeding the soul), while meeting the ego’s need to deal with time and space reality. It’s worked for us. It’s worked for our students. It will work for you. We guarantee it.

Mary Maloney is a freelance writer and solopreneur who has written content for a variety of industries – from wellness to finance to law. After 25 years in the corporate world, Mary decided to follow her heart and launch a marketing business. Mary began working with Terri Maxwell in 2014 and has been blessed to be a recipient of Terri’s wisdom about life, career and business success. When she isn’t writing, Mary enjoys cooking with her husband and snuggling with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi Seamus.

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