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Do you feel stuck in your career? Maybe you’ve achieved the salary and title you always wanted, but something is still missing. Or maybe you're in a career where you have more to offer, but aren’t being granted the opportunity to do so.

Our Career Transformation programs are designed to help you reimagine your career and find work that is both meaningful and financially rewarding. These start with a basic premise—you don’t need to trade success for meaning, nor profit for purpose. We’ll show you how to find the “AND” in your career— so you’re experiencing both meaning AND money; success AND purpose.

7 programs to transform & Chart your career path

If you’re tired of the “Sunday night dreads”, it’s time to transform your career. Find more success and joy in your career.

All programs come with a satisfaction guarantee.

"In our social-digital economy, where technology changes in an instant, jobs are changing just as quickly. Don't fight it—adjust."
Terri Maxwell

Find Your Purpose Program (Free!)

Want to do more meaningful work, but not sure where to start? Ready to find your purpose?  You've found the right place.

Created from decades of success as a serial entrepreneur, social impact investor, and purpose champion, Terri Maxwell, guides you to find the most important words for personal and professional pursuits – your purpose.

Everyone has a purpose. By finding your 2-word purpose statement, an incredible journey will unfold before your very eyes. Nothing will ever be the same.

We offer this program FREE because we believe purpose is the key to fulfillment, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to find meaning in their life and work.

Discovery Program

Do you feel like you’re stuck in the wrong job? The Discovery Program provides renewed clarity to your search for meaningful work by helping you navigate difficult career path decisions, while lowering risk and stress. This course will inspire you in new and exciting directions and accentuate your confidence.

Terri Maxwell has delivered the Discovery Program since 2011, and thousands of professionals credit this course with helping them find a meaningful career or launch a purposeful business.

Career Transformation Program

So, you’re ready to reinvent your career and find meaningful, purposeful work. This course is uniquely designed to teach you a step-by-step process to completely transform your career.

Believe it or not, career transformation is not difficult. But it does require a radically different approach and search process than what you may be doing today.

The old ways of searching for a job don’t work. More importantly, outdated interview techniques do not distinguish you as the best candidate. This course will teach you how to market your own career brand and help you differentiate yourself for the job your best suited for. What are you waiting for?

Finding Your Career Path

If you recently graduated, are new to the job force, or been working for a while, but are ready to find more meaningful and enjoyable work, this course was designed for you. Built on a decade of research, we’ll show you how to build your career from the inside out – based on WHO YOU ARE, as well as what you’re passionate about doing.

This one-module Spotlight Course was designed to assist those who want to find a meaningful career with a company that will value their gifts and one that will also provide financial rewards.

Using our Career Planner & Career Option Board, you will map out career options that fit you so that you can focus your job search.

Learn by viewing online content, from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

Price: $49

Ninja Networking Strategies to GET Noticed

Looking for work, but can’t find positions that are a fit for you?

There are jobs available, but they may not be visible on job boards. This powerful and proven one-module Spotlight Course will show you 3 steps to find the right companies, get the door open and GET noticed by potential employers.

This Spotlight Course teaches the networking strategies taught in the very popular and successful full-length program, Career Transformation. We can show you who/what and HOW to get doors open to find meaningful work.

Learn by viewing online content, from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

Price: $49

Brand YOU

Are you struggling to stand out on LinkedIn and during interviews? Are you ready for a career change, but feel stuck because you don’t know how to pivot your career? Perhaps you’re new to the job market and your resume lacks experience.

What if the issue isn’t your experience or your passion, but rather your personal brand?

This one-module Spotlight Course was designed for those who want to position themselves effectively for career success by learning how to BRAND YOU. Reinvent your career by branding your passions, strengths and gifts.

Learn by viewing online content, from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

Price: $49

From Side Hustle to Full Hustle

For many, now is the perfect time to transition from being an employee, to starting a business or becoming a freelance worker.

Whether you’re considering a change due to an uncertain job market, or feel called to pursue your passion, this program is designed to put a strong foundation in place.

During this one-module Spotlight Course you’ll learn to define your offering and package your skills & passions so you can take them to the freelance marketplace.

Learn by viewing online content, from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

Price: $49

Transform your career,
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Our classes will get you where you want to go. Terri Maxwell, CEO & President of Succeed on Purpose, is so confident that these proven programs will help you achieve your career goals, that we offer a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Thousands of others have taken our courses and learned how to get REAL and have MORE. Check out our Success Stories to read about some of their experiences.

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Career Karma

The world is changing at unprecedented rates, impacting our economy. To develop resiliency in an unstable job market, practice career karma. Read Terri Maxwell's post 5 Laws of Career Karma to learn more about how changing your perspective can change your ability to be successful, even in difficult times.

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