What Is a Career Transformation Coach?

May 11, 2020
Stephanie Renna

What Is a Career Transformation Coach?

Whether you’ve worked with a career coach or not, you probably have a general understanding of the resources they offer a job seeker. You may be less familiar with a career transformation coach. Learn how a career transformation coach can help you.
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Whether you’ve worked with a career coach or not, you probably have a general understanding of the resources they offer a job seeker. They are trained to guide their clients through the job search and assist with practical skills – such as resume building, cover letter writing and interview coaching. Career coaches are dedicated to the success of their clients and can be very valuable resources.

You may be less familiar, however, with a career transformation coach. A career transformation coach doesn’t want to help you find just any new job. Their goal is to help you completely reimagine your career so you can find a role that offers financial rewards, while at the same time fulfilling your purpose and passion. Whether it’s through a job at a new company, seeking a promotion or different role within your current organization, or helping you identify if you are well-suited to start a business, a career transformation coach’s goal is to truly recreate your career.

The Mindset of Career Transformation

Career transformation is about far more than your resume. It’s a mindset. You have to be ready to take control of your career and do the work necessary to find your ideal role. Simply submitting your resume to multiple job boards and awaiting a response is not going to be enough for true transformation.

Career transformation requires you to reflect inwardly. You must be clear on your purpose, your strengths and your passions to gain the clarity needed to know the right career path for you. Once you have that clarity, it will be difficult to accept anything less than what you desire.  

While you must bring the drive, a career transformation coach will work with you on developing confidence and perseverance, while providing you with the practical skills needed to advance your career.

The Business of Career Transformation

Succeed On Purpose has always been about transformation. In its early days, the focus was on coaching entrepreneurs. But, when an early business transformation student pointed out that the lessons used to give entrepreneurs the confidence and skills to successfully market and grow their businesses could be applied to job seekers, we began to develop our career transformation content.

Much like a business, a job seeker must have a strong identity to thrive. You have to define your professional brand, know what roles you want and which companies offer them (your target market), and you have to market yourself appropriately.

Work with a Career Transformation Coach

Succeed On Purpose offers several career transformation coaching programs designed to help you reimagine your career at any age or level. Programs are available in three formats – On-Demand, Small Group Coaching and Individual Coaching. If you’re ready to transform your career, you can learn more here.

Stephanie Renna has been working with Succeed On Purpose since 2012, and now serves as the brand leader. Her purpose is to bring joy.

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