Face Your Fears
New doors began to open for Doug when he changed his thinking

“I saw Terri Maxwell present and thought she was so far ahead of everyone else in just the way she thinks and how she communicates about the world of work. 

She talked about working for and leaving a big corporation. I decided to take the The Find Your Purpose Program. I learned that we all have a tendency to focus on job postings and say ‘I could do that’, then we change our resume to match the job that we could do but we probably don’t want to do. The Find Your Purpose Program was refreshing because the focus was on what I really wanted to do with my passions and strengths.

I had been in sales for years but what I learned was that the customer service aspect of the selling process was what I enjoyed most. The Find Your Purpose Program helped me gain confidence in my direction and purpose. 

I also took Career Transformation and learned specifics about how to position myself for doors of opportunities to open. I learned to face my fears about working for a smaller company and doing contract work. This was like breaking the mould for me but it continues to help me in opening doors.

I highly recommend The Find Your Purpose Program to gain a perspective on work and life. Defining my purpose made it worth it for me.”

Find Your Purpose
Nancy found an exciting full-time job doing meaningful, purposeful work
"I needed to focus on what I am passionate about, because that is where I can add the most value."
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Build Your Business
Terri's business classes are the best Reesa has ever taken.
"Terri skillfully teaches resilience and persistence in the face of monumental obstacles.”
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Build Your Business
Jose was quickly able to identify where he needed to adjust his business to reach his long-term goal.
"I learned so much in 8 weeks. I completely reworked how I would design my website...and could see that I needed to adjust my pricing."
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Transform Your Life
Laura found a way to focus on her life outside of work, while growing her business.
"I learned how to get my business to a more heart-centered place of authenticity.”
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