Build Your Business
Jeremy's business doubled its revenue year after year

When Jeremy Gregg decided he was ready for a career shift, he knew there was only one place to go. He reached out to Succeed On Purpose and began one-on-one coaching with Terri Maxwell. Together they focused on elements of the Discovery Program and Business Launch Program.

With Terri’s guidance, Jeremy realized his Career Persona was a Builder, and that he was naturally suited to start his own business, rather than pursuing another full-time position or purchasing a franchise. He was able to take what he had years of experience doing, fundraising for non-profits, and turn it into a business using his natural gifts for building. Now, he has a business that he is passionate about AND is also providing financial rewards.

Jeremy made the transition from employee to entrepreneur in 2015 by initially replacing his income doing contract work for non-profits. Terri worked with him to develop a strategy to quickly grow revenue, and in 2016 he launched Gregg Partners focusing on grant writing. Each year, Jeremy has been able to double his revenue and now has a team working alongside him. “Thanks to Succeed On Purpose, my company now strengthens over a dozen nonprofits each month. Collectively these organizations reach over 250,000 people around the world… an impact that may not have materialized without Terri’s encouragement, support and guidance.”

Gregg Partners is a consulting firm that seeks to help the world’s best non-profits raise money to deliver their mission through communications and charitable fundraising.

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