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What Is Life Transformation?

At Succeed On Purpose, we believe any aspect of your life can be transformed by following a three-step formula:
  • Get Real: Before you transform your life, you must be able to look yourself in the mirror and make an accurate assessment of where you are currently. What are your fears? What are your strengths? What are your areas of weakness?·
  • Be You: Once you’ve acknowledged and accepted your truest self, you can step into your own power - tap into your strengths, begin to conquer your fears, grow your confidence and begin your transformation.
  • Have More: Now it’s time to accelerate the speed with which you achieve the life and abundance you desire.
These steps aren’t easy, but every person can move through them and create the life they want. It is about reclaiming your power. We all have an innate power that and the key is to access it in order to unlock a more purposeful and abundant life.

Start by focusing on your mindset. Remain positive. Decide that you are going to accomplish your goal and be stubborn in your pursuit. Do not let failure be an option.
Assume positive intent. By entering all situations without judgement and simply assuming the best intentions of others, you’ll find success, happiness and improve your relationships. We all have moments where our words and actions come out poorly, especially in situations of stress or frustration. We should give others the grace we’d hope for in return.
Don’t let the idea of perfection stop you from progressing. Someone who has a need to be perfect would also have a tendency to avoid the risk of making a mistake. They could resist pushing past comfort zones and thus avoid maximizing their potential. The perfectionist personality might also beat themselves up if something didn’t work out. The quest for perfection is simply the process of becoming more, every day, every week, every year.
The power of positive thinking will help you take control of your destiny and be a force for your own good.
Now it’s time to get real.
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Get Real: Start with Self-Transformation?

At Succeed On Purpose, we start your self-transformation by helping you get real – which means defining what’s in the way, and where to focus. Maybe it’s your confidence that needs to be improved, or mindset.Or maybe you just don’t know HOW to make the changes to achieve success?

The hardest part of self-transformation is knowing where to start. Too often we read books and attend seminars to find the “key” to happiness or success, yet our life remains fundamentally unchanged. Why is that?
Where to Start

You need to start by isolating the part of your life that needs to be transformed. Are your limiting beliefs holding you back? Are unconscious barriers standing in the way? Or do you need a methodology for success?

Succeed On Purpose offers a FREE Self-Transformation Assessment to help you determine where to start and what to focus on.
Find Your Purpose

Another key element of getting in touch with your truest self is identifying your purpose. You’ve probably asked yourself the question, “What is my purpose?” in the past, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to find the answer.

Take our FREE Find Your Purpose course and find the words that will help guide your personal and professional pursuits.
No More Excuses

Life happens, but it’s important to be honest with yourself. When a pattern repeats itself in our lives — it’s actually a choice, and believe it or not, we do have complete control to make new choices.However, we allow ourselves to use daily drama as an excuse for a poor choice, which means we’re actually refocusing on the drama. And when we focus on the drama, and use it as an excuse, we’re actually creating more drama because “we get what we focus on.” That’s right. By using drama as an excuse, and retelling the drama, we are unconsciously creating more drama.

Stop focusing on the drama and accept responsibility for poor choices.
Learn to Say No

When we say “yes” to everything, we take too much risk. When we say yes to everyone, we end up assuming more than our share of the responsibility. When we say yes to the world, we sometimes forget to say yes to ourselves.No doesn't mean that I can't do something. A healthy no means that I CHOOSE not to do something.

No doesn't mean that I don't care, it just means that I care equally about myself, and I don't have the bandwidth to help. No doesn't mean that I don't want to, it just means that I have other priorities. And no doesn't mean that I don't value what you're offering, it just means that I value my own journey as well.

Get real with yourself and learn when to say, “no.”
Face Your Fears & Embrace Failure

Certain fears hang out energetically in our subconscious minds, and over time, those fears can eat away at us from the inside out. Yet many people resist facing their fears.

Acknowledging fears and taking proactive steps to overcome them can set you up for success on your journey to self-transformation.
Take our FREE “Fear of” Quiz to identify the fears that are holding you back. Once you face them, you can overcome them.

Fear of failure is a common fear, but remember, some of the successes in the world, from Olympians to politicians, to business leaders and innovators, were always preceded by incredible failures. Deep down, we KNOW this to be true, but in our own lives, we still avoid failure like it was the plague.

To achieve your highest potential, you must learn how to fail forward.
Once you’ve embraced and accepted who you are, you can grow your confidence.
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Be You: Increase Your Confidence

Now that you’ve gotten real with yourself, it’s time to embrace and love the person you are. Tackle your fears and step into your own power!
Where to Start

If success has eluded you, and if you are tired of feeling not good enough, the Succeed On Purpose program, Pure Confidence, is the path to freedom. It’s a self-discovery journey to pinpoint the barriers holding you back from a joyful and abundant life. Don’t remain stuck. Take back your power today.

Getting MORE out of your life starts with getting REAL then being YOU.This program is PROVEN to guide you through removing the barriers to success and unleashing the hidden power that is already inside you – so you can be your truest self.

WARNING: This is only for those who are SERIOUS about healing barriers and igniting change.
Simply, Love Yourself

After tackling the barriers that hold you back, it’s time to step into your confidence.

To truly be confident, you must believe you’re worthy of what you desire most.

Take a lesson from Succeed On Purpose founder, TerriMaxwell. She spent years working on confidence and healing the “not good enough” voice that plagued her consciousness, but something was still very wrong inside. She hadn’t addressed the even bigger mountain: self-worth.

Her success was external: her business achievements, the relationships she had, the people she’d impacted.

But confidence and self-worth come from the inside. When you place your value outside of yourself, you remain hostage to an external world, as well as to people and situations that can hurt you.

It’s time to make the decision to love yourself and seek what you want most. When we accept ourselves just as we are, regardless of what anyone else thinks of us, or what mistakes we make, then and only then are we truly free.
Develop a Play to Win Mindset

Confidence is in your head. Take a lesson from some of the greatest champions in the world and develop a play to win mindset.

One of the most obvious examples is the 2017 Super Bowl. You may remember that the Atlanta Falcons blew a 25-point lead and allowed the NewEngland Patriots to steal victory from them in an unbelievable display of championship mindset.

With the score 28-3, the Patriots DECIDED to win. You could see it in their eyes. They looked for ways to win. They shutdown any thought in their mind that a loss was possible, and they shifted their mind to the question, How could we win?

Think about that for a second. When things go wrong, what do most of us do? We worry about failing and allow our thoughts to shift to what else could go wrong. That is not what champions do. Champions don’t worry about failing, they simply shift their focus to the question, How do we win?

There was a tremendous amount of talent on the field that day, but only one team embraced their confidence and made the decision to win.
Fulfill Your Destiny

You are responsible for fulfilling your own destiny. Having more is about following your purpose and passion, while tapping into the confidence you have in yourself.

Individuals who are negative typically don’t believe in themselves. Don’t let them get to you. Focus on building your confidence and achieving your own success, whether it be in your career, business or life.
Now it’s time to HAVE MORE!
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Have More: Accelerate Abundance

Are you ready for a more abundant life? Abundance in health, wealth, career, business and relationships? It’s time for you to have more.

So where do you start?
Where to Start

Succeed On Purpose has developed the Accelerating Abundance program to lead individuals to a fulfilling purpose-filled life.

What’s the biggest benefit of a purpose-filled life? Abundance. That’s right… impactful, soul-stirring abundance in every dimension (especially money).

Students of Accelerating Abundance will participate in the Prosperity Challenge and learn to attract abundance while transforming the energy in their life that, up until now, has been holding them back. Attract and manifest more effortlessly and consistently.

Learn how it helped this entrepreneur increase her business’s revenue by 261%

Make the law of attraction work for you. It is possible.

Life doesn't have to be hard. Success can be easy. By adjusting our perspective, we can create MORE with less effort. The Law of Attraction has proven to be a very effective tool to help adjust perspective.
Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

Have you noticed that very few people can apply the Law of Attraction and get results every time? For some, it works just occasionally or not at all.

In order to make the Law of Attraction work, you must first stop exhibiting the tendencies we inherently have that cause us to block abundance:

1)    The biggest obstacle to the Law of Attraction is the fear we are not powerful enough to create what we want.

2)    What we desire and what we expect are not aligned.

3)    We get what we focus on BUT we don’t know how to focus on abundance.

Once you are aware of the road blocks you’re creating for yourself, you can start to overcome them.

1)   Come to know and believe in your power to create.

2)   Let the soul drive and give the ego a role in the passenger seat.

3)   Desire is the key to creating abundance.
Tap Into the Power of Co-creating

Co-creating is an essential part of creating the abundance you seek.

Simply put, co-creation is aligning the human, egoic part of ourselves with the soul (whatever higher power you believe in). Said another way, it’s about aligning our thoughts and emotions so we can ultimately create what we want most.

The ego and the soul must work together to create prosperity and abundance.
It’s Time for More

For many, there’s some guilt associated with the desire for more. But is it actually a bad thing? Our answer is a resounding, “NO!” It’s a great thing! The desire for more is not your selfish ego, but rather your soul. That’s right.Your soul communicates to you through desire.

Desire is a good thing. Desire is the language of the soul. Desire is how the soul communicates to us – by guiding us toward expansion and growth.

The truth is, we were DESIGNED for more.

But don’t let that make you feel stuck or not good enough. The path to MORE is a journey.

The truth is: We are enough. Where we are, right now, is enough. UNTIL we decide we want to become more. It’s that simple.
Are you ready for MORE?
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Have More: Accelerate Success

Success is your path to freedom and joy. Whether that be in life, career or business, you deserve to have the success you want AND you deserve to have it now.
Where to Start

Built from decades of research on human potential, Success Excelerator™ is a proven methodology for achieving goals and accelerating the path to success. It’s time to break free of limitations and create a more meaningful and successful life.

This course will show you how to build belief and confidence as you move closer and closer to achieving your desires. Most importantly, we’ll show you how to shift your focus toward not just achieving more but BECOMING more.
Success Is a Choice

Being successful starts with one decision: to never quit.

Terri Maxwell, Founder & CEO of Succeed On Purpose, has made that choice multiple times.

So, the question is… will you quit?
The Drive for Success

Once you’ve decided that failure is not an option, it’s time to go!

·     Look where you want to go. Not where you’re afraid you’ll end up.
·     Change your perspective and focus on what’s ahead, rather than what’s behind. Every now and then glance at the past and remember how it prepared you for the present.

You can’t change your life until you decide to change how you approach it. Seek out opportunities that light a fire in your belly and take the steps necessary to be the best at what you love.

Seek inspiration from those around you. Look to mentors, entrepreneurs, athletes and others you admire.
It’s time to have the success you desire! Go get it!